Business is decisions making.

That is why teams in companies analyze data for hours, collect information, monitor processes. Because every manager and president wants to make decisions that will guarantee development, return on investment, and stability of the company. Simply - a good decision.

At Dorsanis Global Services Ltd, we know exactly what the "good decision" slogan means. We also know well how important the company's development strategy, investments with potential and stability are. We have been consulting for companies around the world for years.

We provide consulting and develop business development strategies that will lead to a significant return on all future investments.

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Dorsanis Global Services Ltd

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We are one of the leading international consulting companies based in Larnaca, Cyprus. We help companies develop their full potential using appropriate methods and tools. We operate comprehensively - in the entire company, by introducing integrated solutions or point-in - order in specific, problematic areas.


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We have knowledge about good decisions. We have knowledge about good business.

Our financial team daily analyzes the current economic and financial situation. It collects the most up-to-date data, expands its knowledge and draws forward future conclusions. By acting in this way, we can guarantee proper support for our clients in terms of decisions, management and planning. We take care of business development through modern financial instruments, strategic, administrative and on-line marketing support.

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Dorsanis Global Services Ltd.

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We provide comprehensive and point support for business. We analyze, create plans and strategies, we help implement solutions in companies. In Eastern and Central Europe, we are known as experts in the areas of: factoring and payment insurance, investment activities, financing.

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