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Our services

Together with our regular and new clients, we facilitate and implement intensive international marketing and offer solutions for business development that will ensure economic growth and international success. Our goal is to ensure that consulting and business development strategies focus on activities that will lead to a significant return on all future investments. Our goal is to provide our clients with high-quality solutions that ensure immediate profitability and long-term stability. We provide our clients with all assistance, including but not limited to the following services:

Mergers, aquisitions and sales

We offer a full range of services regarding mergers, acquisitions and sales. We specialize in the preparation and implementation of the process related to the preparation of management resolutions, shareholders agreements, various types of investments and settlements.

Joint Venture
– JV

We provide legal assistance before and during the joint venture  creation’s process. Our employees are always ready to share their knowledge and experience, especially regarding the legal aspects of due diligence in relation to all activities before the appointment of JV. It is very important for us to ensure that our potential partners are credible in this type of venture and meet all the requirements needed to start the process of setting up a joint venture.


Investing in market research helps clients to familiarize themselves with past and future trends in their economic fields. It is an integral part of the annual business planning and therefore we always advise our clients to invest in such research in order to gain a broader knowledge of the global market, past and current market situation, competition, the most desirable and profitable products and services, as well as opportunities developing your own business in a specific environment or country.

Annual business planning

Our team, based on detailed analyzes, will prepare a well-structured annual business plan for both new and existing companies, which will include market analysis, financial analysis and marketing strategy.

We guarantee that the planned strategies in the agreed time interval will illustrate the expected revenues and costs. We will help define future goals that will maximize opportunities and minimize threats to your business.

Preparing a business plan

Our team, with many years of experience,  will work closely with your company to prepare the most comprehensive business plan. We will complete each stage of the writing process to full fill and satisfy all your business needs. All at very competitive prices.

Implementation of the plan

Our team will help you in the implementation of the corporate strategic plan in your company step by step. From the initial stage to full implementation, our specialists will ensure that the implementation process runs smoothly and the prepared plans will be changed into deeds. With the help of all available resources we will support in achieving the expected maximum results.


We will help you get better knowledge about the competition from your industry. We will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the competition to help you improve your position in the domestic and international market. Understanding individual factors and their impact on different companies will apply to making changes to your current strategy, which may help increase revenue.

Help in opening a local office

We will help you find the best office location for small and large companies. We have a network of trusted and professional estate agents, thanks to which we can guarantee our clients that the offices will meet their expectations. We help in furnishing and installation of IT and telephone networks, as well as in the design of logos and banners.

If necessary, we can also help in the preparation of marketing materials, business cards, websites, etc. We take care of every detail to ensure that the company will have a unique and prestigious look. If necessary, we also help in the recruitment process.

Digital & Online Marketing

We believe that professionally prepared marketing databases, that will be used in social media and supported by professional online advertising campaigns,  are the key to success. It does not matter in which business sector you are, online marketing will help you improve your virtual global position and be recognized among the competition.

Our analytical and creative team will define trends and position, plan and implement Internet and SEO / SEM, interpret data and provide application analysis. On a daily basis, we implement tarte.com marketing strategies (focusing on PPC and SEO & paid social activities) in order to effectively use tarte.com, increase conversions and revenues. We produce a positive ROI on marketing investments.

Investment funds, financing of investments, financial services

The development of Dorsanis Global Services is based primarily on the search for new, innovative solutions for all our clients. One of the proposed solutions is the opportunity for entrepreneurs and individuals to use selected investment funds.

Many years of experience and professional knowledge that we can be proud of are the key to success and achieving high profits for our clients. Our goal is to increase competitiveness and accelerate the development of our clients’ businesses. We know that investing in innovative solutions is a priority for the changing market today. We work with specialists who are ready to work with millions of transactions. In the case of financial services, the most important is the responsibility and constant enrichment of knowledge to offer only the best products.

We provide comprehensive and point support for business. We analyze, create plans and strategies, we help implement solutions in companies. In Eastern and Central Europe, we are known as experts in the areas of: factoring and payment insurance, investment activities, financing.

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